Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Road Sign Girl

by Pug Puerileuwaite

Road Sign Girl
Edge of my lane
Attention held captive
No longer the same

Blonde ponytail
Wafts nicotine
From countless smokes
Both harsh and serene

Can't help but wonder
Waiting in line
When I finally cruise past
Will your gaze meet mine

Do I need to stop
Or just slow down
Fickle mixed signals
Are you playing this clown

Please give a sign
That I should proceed
Is a trailer nearby
To do the deed

Ever you stand
Preventing wrecks
Is perchance there an interest
In the opposite sex

You make it so easy
For me to just wait
Tinted windows conceal
I masturbate

How can you stand there
Day after day
Protecting assholes
For minuscule pay

Perhaps 'cuz you know
This prince you'll soon meet
In an '82 Escort
With flip-down rear seat

And what of coworkers
Who leer and harass
Were I not late for work
I'd be kicking their ass

Do they not know you're mine
Those ignorant jerks
Only I trench and lay pipe
That's one of the perks

Is there a drug test
To get that position
Is sobriety why
You rebuff proposition

You transcend all pretension
My diamond and pearl
Had I crappy suspension
You'd be rockin' my world

I admire your dignity
And also your grace
Despite the occasional
Beverage in face

Is there a place for us
Where we love and we function
No longer constricted
By constraints of construction

Alas I must go, love
In haste and in sorrow
For our paths lead apart
At least 'til tomorrow