Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Resolutions for Others: #2

Hi everybody,

The first thing I will ask you to do is click the play button on the music machine to your right.

Okay, now we're cookin'.

We're all WAY "politicked off" by now, so I'll keep today's resolution short and bittersweet.

Today's resolution is simple: let's be careful from here on out who we elect to run the country.

NEVER again. Peace out.


"ANY job that one is INCAPABLE of performing, can be considered a TOUGH job. Doesn't matter if we're talking about W's Presidency or even Yours Truly in the bedroom."

- Pug Puerileuwaite, in an excerpt from his interview with Larry King



Little Lamb said...

We shall what happens.

leelee said...



puerileuwaite said...

Lamby - Obama could burn down The White House tomorrow, and STILL be considered a better President. The bar has been reset incredibly low.


Leelee - I KNEW you'd see it my way, gorgeous! Hugs back babe!

foam said...

short, sweet and to the point ..
just like you, come to think of it.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

You still allow that foul mouthed ewe to comment on your blog?? Geez, come on and ban that ball of lint.

K9 said...

im medicated today so lalalalalallalaa
and -an amazingly short post from you. i dont entirely mind it either.

Serena said...

Short, sweet, and simple is always best. Whatever Obama does or doesn't do, we know one thing: he CAN'T do any worse than his predecessor. The bar is reset that low.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

god bless
barrack obama,
the united states,
and our new friend HAPI


PS -- what did LL mean, "we shall what happens"?!?

dianne said...

Yes good luck to President Obama, he seems like a decent man to me and I just feel he will do his very best to achieve the goals he has set and try to fix the worst mess a newly sworn in President has been left to clean up. ♥

No hugs my sweet just a few kisses.♥

puerileuwaite said...

Foam - Thanks! But for the record, I prefer the term "height-disadvantaged". "First Dawg" works for me, provided I get unfettered access to the Rose Garden.


Mighty D - She's only a lamb until you try to evict her. Then she becomes a lion.


K9 - Um, I guess I'll consider that an endorsement.


Serena - That's why I'm still scratching my head (and other areas) over the failure of my own "Couldn't Do Worse" campaign.


Hapi - Sorry, but it's already filled to capacity with nonsense (along with the rest of my blog). But I'll hold onto your well-wishes for the next time I sneeze.

Question: Assuming that you are fully-aware of your name, do you find that you clap your hands a lot?


/t. - Thanks buddy. We'll need all of the positive karma we can get (or steal). Though I suspect Hapi already is "in a good place".

By golly, you're RIGHT! Lamby slipped that one past me! By shrewdly leaving out "see", can we infer that she INTENDS to make something (perhaps diabolical, knowing Lamby) happen? I can't help but wonder if Lamby is "The Jackal" of the 00's ...


Dianne - I sure hope so. Otherwise I'm afraid it's Austalia (and possibly Canada during the North American summers) for this Pug. XX

puerileuwaite said...

Or AustRalia.