Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brainstorming - Creative Business Ideas - Part I


In the short time I've been cruising the blogs, I have become absolutely amazed by the intelligence and creativity of many bloggers. They have set the bar extremely high for this newcomer. My first response was to be intimidated. But then I realized that this is a community, not a competition.

So in the spirit of community collaboration, I would like to mention a few business ideas, and see what you think.

Restaurant Idea: "Munch Haus by Proxy", a Bavarian Deli. Probably doomed to failure as a result of my compulsion to plant health code violations which I subsequently report.

Children's Book Idea: "The Bi-Polar Bear". Since 1 out of every 1 Americans (with even higher ratios for our Canadian brethren) will eventually be diagnosed as bipolar, this richly illustrated children's book will gently introduce our offspring to this affliction. With the help of his peers (Seal of Approval, Sanguine Penguin and I-Do-Caribou), Bernie the Bi-Polar Bear learns that it is okay to bite off more than you can chew.

Online Dating Service Idea: "". Not all of us are accomplished, squeaky-clean, built-a-great-career-now-just-need-a-mate types. Also, unlike eHarmony clientele (at least the couples in the commercials), most of us do not have a long-lost twin that we can inadvertently be paired up with. Many of us are unappealing in many, many ways. Many of us have already run out of socially acceptable options in our local area codes. This is the dating service for US.

Silent (very, please) partners are welcome. Ditto for easily-distracted investors. Thank you for your time.


Mayden's Voyage said...

You are so funny!
For the Bi-Polar bear:

"Icebergs...The Real Dope about the Slippery Slope of Reality."

Restaurant/ XXXnovelty shop:
The Noodle-Canoodle

Ok- enough :)
I did the homework from an earlier post...just so you know.
-Cora :)

puerileuwaite said...

Fair Mayden,

I posted your grade immediately after the homework. So please review it when you get the chance.

I LOVE the iceberg idea. So impressive, in fact, that it will lead off Chapter-2. Just after the characters are introduced in Chapter-1. It doesn't get any more prestigious than that!

I also like what you did with the "hybrid shoppe" concept. The only thing that I would consider changing is the name. What do you think about "The Canoodle-Noodle"?
That way, we LURE them in with the sex, and then up-sell them the soup. Though I could be wrong now (but I don't think so).

Your feedback and ideas are great, and greatly appreciated. Thanks!

leelee said...

Restaurant Idea: "Munch Haus by Proxy", a Bavarian Deli.

VERY CLEVER...makes me want to go ahead and pull out my DIRNDL I've been saving for that perfect occassion. Can you say oom pah?

Party Girl said...

Having worked as a food service whore (many times) I think this idea is a good one. Although for most resturants it wouldn't be nec. as they are their own worse enemy.

Book: Really, one in one? Crap. That means me, huh? Oh, wait. Maybe I already knew that.

Online dating? Go for it, whatchya got to lose. There is someone for everyone.

puerileuwaite said...

Leelee, I got so excited about getting to see your dirndl, that I accidently strained my schotschkes.

Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I look forward to seeing you at the opening in your dirndl (LOVE that word, seriously).

BTW, Barbie looks hot in a dirndl. Much better than the usual American wardrobe. Not that I'm into Barbies or anything. No, really, I am not.

puerileuwaite said...

Party Girl, thanks for the feedback. And, yeah, I feel good about the restaurant and book concepts. As for the dating website, I really hope you didn't mean it for ME. I hope that's not what you were implying. Heck, I don't even NEED a dating website. That's for other guys. Believe you me. Lots of girls like me. LOTS. I get phone numbers all the time. All the time...

leelee said...

I believe the correct spelling is tschotschkes

Now go put on your lederhosen and let's talk about your Barbie Fetish.....

Yeah, dirndl is a great word..I actually like typing it out and looking at it..strange

Mayden's Voyage said...

Puerileuwaite- Thank you! Loved the might convince me to go back to college! LOL
"The Canoodle-Noodle" is of course perfect, and I suppose that only a few people actually know what a Canoodle is- They will be happily surprised- or terrified upon entering the store...and in either case I'd like to be around for their reaction :)
And oh- the novelty items we could have ...just the noodle items alone have my mind racing! (oh- this is getting deep!)
And what about Canoli's (sp?) and sauces, and- and- and...

Well, this has been fun to say the least. I look forward to chapter 2 :)
MV "tis usually a silly place" (like Camelot- Monty Python)...not serious like the last post. Feel free to drop in- your sense of humor is always welcome! :)

puerileuwaite said...

Leelee - I appreciate the proper spelling. I was going crazy (crazier, actually) trying to look it up. The "t" threw me off, entirely. Uncanny. WHO told you about the lederhosen? And for the record, I only wear them because they're comfortable and they make my legs look thinner.

BTW, I will be looking for future album recommendations from you on your kitchen blog. Same era, same good taste. The clips are cool.

Fair Mayden - Oh, now you've done it. You've got me looking through restaurant supply catalogs and back issues of Victoria's Secret* (* a "friend" just happened to have a stack of them. I have been counseling him on this problem, and that is how I knew that he had them. Just in case you were wondering...), an activity that I have never done before on MONDAY nights, so you know that I am geniunely excited. In fact, there is enough interest for me to focus on this concept alone in a future post. It is that rich with possibilities.

And, yes, I will stop by (again, because I did earlier)and put in my 2-cents worth of puerile musings from time to time. At least until you wise up and get that restraining order!

Thank you, ladies, you have raised my self-esteem to an unhealthy level (don't worry, work tomorrow will address that particular concern).

GirlGoyle said...

For being a newbie at blogging you are a riot! I'm still laughing at the name of your food joint. I can't even finish saying it cuz it gives me stitches I'm laughing so hard! Good job!

puerileuwaite said...

Thank you, GG. Finally, there IS an outlet to plug my ideas into.

leelee said...

danke....hmmm I feel a Bavarian tangent coming on